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The ties of parent and child


March 17, 2019

Strom / Switzerland

Energie - Licht in der Tiefe Plankton besteht aus Tausenden unterschiedlichen Kleinstlebewesen mit faszinierenden Formen und Fähigkeiten

February 20, 2019 -  23:56〜00:55

Appear on TBS TV Program ”Crazy Journey”

A man keeping filming "Plankton" of the sea of mysterious for 28 years.

December ,26 2018

Lighting - Revo Media Partners, United Kingdom

Volume 50 ISSUE 05 2018
in The Meaning Of Light of P79.

November 28, 2018

Mare Magazine 131 of Germany

My photo is organized on page 11 feature. Of course the cover photo as.

It was published in the media of each country.

Wednesday October 10, 2018

Friday August 17, 2018

British Journal of Photography - 16 August 2018

Photo District News “Photo of the Day”

This is Colossal

The Guardian

USA Art News

The Eye of Photography

My Modern Met


Lense France

Design You Trust

Laughing Squid

F-Stop Magazine - 14 August 2018

Medium (picked up F-Stop)


Friday August 10, 2018

Jewels in the night sea (in Japanese)

249 mm×213mm, 144pp


August 13, 2018


Published by NIKKEI National Geographic Ltd,


Chapter1 Adaptation for Floating

Chapter2 Art for Defense

Chapter3 Minimal Jewels

Chapter4 Cradle of Deep Sea

Chapter5 Reason of Transparency


Underwater shooting at night

What are plankton?


Release date of Electronic version

Tuesday July 3, 2018

Ryo Minemizu photo exhibition 2018 Jewels in the night sea - in CANON GALLERY

2018, August 20 (Mon)  - August 29 (Wed) 

*Excluding August 26 (Sun)


LocationTolerance Ginza building 1F, Ginza3-9-7, Tyuou-ku Tokyo. Zip Code: 104-0061

Access: Metropolitan subway: Hiigashi-GinzaA7、A8 2 minutes on foot from exit. Hiigashi-Ginza St(Hibiya-Line) A2 3 minutes on foot from exit. Ginza St(Ginza-Line, Marunouchi-Line, Hibiya-Line) A12 3 minutes on foot from exit.

※ There is no parking lot so please use public transportation.

Open: 10:30~18:30(Last day until 15:00)

Gallery Talk:I will hold a gallery talk in the gallery every day from 13:00 except August 26 (Sun).

Telephone: 03-3542-1860

2018, September 6 (Thu) - September 12 (Wed) 

*Excluding September 9 (Sun)


LocationNagoya Inter City 1F, Nishiki 1-11-11 Naka-ku Nagoya-city Aichi-prefacture. Zip Code: 460-0003

Access: Higashiyama-line Subway, Tsurumai-line Fushimi St, soon at exit number 10.

Open: 10:00~18:00(Last day until 15:00)

Gallery Talk:I will hold a gallery talk in the gallery from 13:00 on September 6 (Thu) and September 8 (Sat).

Telephone: 052-209-6180

※Telephone reception Mon - Friday - 10:00 - 18:00

2018, September 20 (Thu)  - September 26 (Wed) 

*Excluding September 23 (Sun) and September 24 (Mon)


LocationNakanoshima Festival Tower West 1F, Nakanoshima 3-2-4 Kita-ku Osaka-city. Zip Code: 530-0005

Access: Yotsubashi-line Subway Higobashi St, Keihannakanoshima-line Watanabebashi St, Direct connection to the station. Midousuji-line Subway Yodoyabashi St, 5 minutes on foot. JR Touzai-line Kitashinchi St, 8 minutes on foot. JR Osaka St, 11 minutes on foot.

Open: 10:00~18:00 (Last day until 15:00)

Gallery Talk:I will hold a gallery talk in the gallery from 13:00 on September 20 (Thu) and September 22 (Sat).

Telephone: 06-7739-2125

※Telephone reception Mon - Friday - 10:00 - 18:00

Saturday June 9, 2018

Special slideshow at National Maritime Museum in London.

Special slideshow of Ryo's for World Oceans Day for on 9 June at The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

An octopus riding on Salpa, Shot for the first time in 34 years

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (Japanese Edition) September, 2017

The pictures talk / Ryo Minemizu

The sea for supporting growth small life - plankton / 12 pages

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Photo Stories - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (Japanese Edition)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Start on sales of original prints

Monday, July 14, 2017

Photogravure was posted in a German magazine Die Woche

Title: Meereswunder (marine miracle)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

BBC News

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Solo exhibition in New York ended


The solo exhibition in New York ended successfully.
Thank you for coming, everyone.
And thank you very much for everyone who supported us, everyone who purchased pictures.

I swear come back to New York !
See you next time.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

National Geographic Society France

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ryo's work was introduced to the global media

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The solo exhibition of Ryo MINEMIZU will hold from 21th to 24th June at “Foto Care Gallery” in NY.

”The Secret World of Plankton"

The greatness of life plankton tell us -- 20 years’ night sea events documented by a Japanese underwater photographer--

Larval fish of Cusk-eels
The Ribonfish

Foto Care Gallery presents

The world of fish-larvae and invertebrates larvae living in the ocean. Ryo captured clear figure in the sea of night by shooting like prominent craftsmanship and revealed unknown ecology one after another. Larva's amazing technique and strength that support by function is artistic, and world of powerful life is expanded that beyond our imagination.

Photographs by Ryo MINEMIZU


21(Wed) June: 6:00-9:00PM Gallery Opening w/ Cocktail Reception with the artist:

22(Thu) June: 5:30-7pm: Workshop: Retail Stage (lecture/process by Ryo on his techniques to capture the images), 7-8:30pm: Gallery Viewing

23(Fri). June: Open to the public (8am-8pm)

24(Sat) June: Open to the public (9am-4pm)

Foto Care Gallery

41-43 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10012
Contact Us: 212-741-2990

Monday, January 30, 2017

5th NIKKEI National Geographic Photo Award 2016 Grand Prix

I'm awarded Grand Prix of NIKKEI National Geographic Photo Award 2016. I'm very glad that I got the opportunity to look towards the world of small creatures like this in this way. Also, taking pictures at night in the ocean is impossible without the cooperation of the local people, so I would like to say thank you once again. In addition, I would like to thanks again for each of equipment manufacturers who support me.

Examiner:Kazuyoshi Nomachi (Photographer), Ikuo Nakamura (Photographer), Sigeo Otsuka (Editor-in-chief of National Geographic Japan)

The world of small creatures that fragilely and vigorously. (5 set photos)

  • conspicuous hours
  • Radiolaria's balloons.
  • Larval fish of Trachipterus trachypterus
  • Larval fish of Synanceiidae
  • Stroll swim of long arm octopus larva

These photos are all taken at night sea of Japan. The 1st photo is larva of a kind of Limidae of clams and shell width is only 5 mm. The adult is live in such as under the rock of sea bottom. The adult is live in such as under the rock of sea bottom, therefore It's almost not to show up. The appears is may be only now. This picture is taken at Okinawa mainland. The 2nd photo is larva of a kind of genus Inimicus and body length is only 10 mm. Especially, I am thinking so that is Inimicus didactylus. Body is still small and a frail plankton but only a face has dignified. When it arrive to sea bottom and to achieved growth change suddenly to strong hunter that watch vigilantly for games. Also this picture is taken at Okinawa mainland. The 3rd photo is juvenile of Trachipterus trachypterus and all length was about 20 cm (body length about 8 cm). In this way, If we want to see perfect body with long extended fins we need it that meet in the state of living at the pelagic. This picture is taken at Ogasawara islands. The Ogasawara Islands are registered as World Natural Heritage and over 30 islands on the Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 km south-southeast of Tokyo. The 4th photo is a taken at Kume-Island, Okinawa. It's a larva of Octopus that floating-stage. All length is about 18 cm. I can't say certain species but I imagine that it's a kind of Macrotritopus. This octopus come quietly when the night deepens. By meeting me, it's trying to make myself body look bigger even a little. The 5th photo. This picture is taken at Ogasawara islands. It's Phronimopsis spinifera a kind of Hyperiidea that is bundling Radiolaria. It's adaptation for floating. Phronimopsis spinifera has increased buoyancy by holding Radiolaria, and it's carried further away. In short, they don't have to swim almost.

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